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Kansas Casinos Confirm Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

Kansas Casinos Confirm Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

There is no place like home for gross gaming revenue; at least according to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) 2012 annual commercial casino market report. While Vegas and Nevada continue to lead the industry in pure gaming revenues, the fastest-growing state is: Kansas. Kansas? Yep, Kansas. Who even knew they had casinos in Kansas? Perchance you just can’t see them through the wheat fields.

Beating out nj (a continuing declare that has actually been on tilt within the gaming arena of late), Pennsylvania, New York, and even Ca, Kansas really might be the Land of Oz when it concerns bringing in casino clients, this indicates. Maybe Glinda, the Witch that is good dropping them from her magical bubble. Maybe there is just not a complete lot else to accomplish there.

Incredible Growth

We’re not chatting about doubling or even tripling in development here; nope, Kansas’ gross gaming revenue jumped an amazing 603.7 percent in 2012. Maybe they truly are handing out poppies into the casinos, but regardless of the good reason, casino revenues went from $48 million in 2011 to $341 million in 2012.

Most of the increase is merely due to more casinos having been built and opened in the past years that are few. Kansas just made casino gambling appropriate in 2007, and by 2009, it still had just two gambling enterprises to show for it self. Now there are six, and also the state’s treasurers must up be jumping and down lik Continue reading Kansas Casinos Confirm Wizardly in Gaming Revenue Growth

33 Arrested in India Online Gambling Raid

33 Arrested in India Online Gambling Raid

Police in Kandivli, Asia raided six online gambling hubs

Police in Kandivli, India raided six video gaming parlors and arrested a complete of 33 people this in a crackdown on online gambling in the region week. The raid ended up being initial of its kind into the certain area, as Samta Nagar police raided parlors owned by Planet G Internet video game and Bingo in Kandivli, as well as the Pratik Game Zone in Malad.

Franchise Owners Arrested

All of the raids were conducted on venues that had been franchises of business understood as Game King Pvt Ltd, located in Tardeo. An overall total of 12 owners of this franchises were arrested, along side 21 players who had been in the parlors at the period of the raids. The owners of Game King, Ramesh Chaurasia and KL Mansukhani, have not yet been arrested in connection using the raids.

Throughout the raids, police recovered 1.31 lakh ($21,500) in funds. According to reports, the centers in concern was indeed open for at least two years.

‘There are in least 300 more centers that are such into the city beneath the franchise of Game King,’ said Sunil Paraskar, commissioner of police for the North Region. ‘We are looking for the server that is main where these games had been activated. We shall simply take Cyber Crime department’s help to trace it.’

Players had the ability to start accounts at the centers to play online gambling games for a minimum of 1,000 rupees ($16.50). Once the reports Continue reading 33 Arrested in India Online Gambling Raid

Bronx Assemblywoman Arroyo Questioned About ‘Gambling’ Winnings

Bronx Assemblywoman Arroyo Questioned About ‘Gambling’ Winnings

New York State Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo declared $30,000 in Casino winnings

Normally, hearing that somebody has won big at a casino is a cause for joy, or maybe a bit that is little of. In the New York State Assembly, though, it has changed into a source of suspicion over where one assemblywoman’s pay might really have come from day.

Winnings from Where?

The New York Daily Information reported earlier this week that Bronx-based nyc State Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo had announced close to $30,000 in casino gambling winnings on her annual disclosure that is financial. That isn’t unusual in and of itself: politicians usually have to produce such kinds, sufficient reason for numerous being rather wealthy, having gambling winnings show up on them is not uncommon.

However in Arroyo’s instance, a history of questionable ethics and a lack of any gambling history are making some suspicious abut where that cash might actually be from.

‘I have never heard of her gambling before, ever,’ an unnamed albany insider told the Daily News. ‘I don’t think it for a second that that money came from a casino.’

Those sorts of accusations might look like a shot in the dark from political rivals, if it weren’t for past accusations against Arroyo and her family. Both Arroyo and her daughter, Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, have had allegations of misusing cash for family-run nonprofit organizations thrown at them. Arroyo’s gran Continue reading Bronx Assemblywoman Arroyo Questioned About ‘Gambling’ Winnings