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Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

The Meadowlands Sports Complex has long attracted fans from New York, and a casino is hoped by some lawmakers there could perform some same. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Since brand New Jersey first legalized casino gambling in 1976, it was grasped that casinos were only meant for Atlantic City in the Garden State. That made sense, at least during the time: the resort city had dropped out of favor with tourists, and gambling was seen as a solution to bring money back to the economy that is local. But with increasing competition from Pennsylvania as well as the specter of New York gambling enterprises in the horizon, some in their state now want to construct a casino in a location that could compete with venues directly in neighboring states.

The idea of placing a casino into the Meadowlands located just outside of New York City was floated once more last week at the East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City, attracting support in addition to concern from those in attendance.

‘A casino in north Jersey, to be taxed at 50 or 60 percent, we could do a billion dollars in that location,’ stated Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, a Democrat. ‘we have become fighting for those customers. That is what Pennsylvania is doing. That’s just what New York wants to accomplish.’

Beating New York to the Market

Caputo’s idea would be to get a casino built into the Meadowlands before one is made in New York City. The first few licenses Continue reading Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

UK FOBT Review Suggests New Restrictions

UK FOBT Review Suggests New Restrictions

The UK government is set to introduce new restrictions on FOBTs and the betting shops that host them. (Image:

Let me tell you, fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) have been the solitary biggest issue for UK bookmakers over the past couple of months. The devices are highly lucrative, but their spread has resulted in critique which they may also be addictive and predatory. That has resulted in many calls for restrictions on the devices and it seems like the government is about to meet up with those requests.

A recent review by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) into the policies governing FOBTs has found several ways by which the machines could better be managed. The review, led by Minister for Sport, Tourism and Equalities Helen give, found four areas in which improvements could be manufactured: just how to deal with the number of UK gambling shops, player defenses, education, and gambling advertising.

‘Following a process of policy review, I am adopting an approach that is precautionary targeted and proportionate action to guard players further when using high stake gaming machines on the high street,’ give stated.

Accounts for High-Stakes Players

Possibly probably the most notable change comes if you want to bet a substantial quantity of cash during a session. The review proposes new rules that will require anyone who desires to bet more than £50 ($84) to open an account online or inform Continue reading UK FOBT Review Suggests New Restrictions

Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina Discovered Guilty of Gambling Charges

Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina Discovered Guilty of Gambling Charges

Rear Admiral Tim Giardina was taken out of their post at STRATCOM after using fake gambling potato chips at an Iowa casino. (Image: U.S. Navy)

Here’s something most people would acknowledge: watching over the nuclear arsenal of the usa is a fairly occupation that is serious. And while we might sometimes believe our personal life should not affect our job status, it’s a good idea that you would want to leave this specific responsibility in the hands of somebody who does not have any skeletons inside their cabinet.

Counterfeit Chips Unbecoming an Officer

That is why when it came out that Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina was under research for reportedly using counterfeit potato chips at an Iowa casino a year ago, it took no time at all for him to be suspended in September. Not long after, he was demoted from three-star ranking to two-star, fired from his task as the deputy commander of US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and reassigned to a staff officer position in Washington.

Of program, their activities additionally meant he’d be charges that are facing. Earlier this Giardina was found guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice week. In accordance with a declaration from the US Navy, Giardina ended up being convicted on two counts of ‘conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.’

‘ The first count involved Giardina lying to an investigator,’ the Navy statement read. ‘The 2nd related to circumstanc Continue reading Navy Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina Discovered Guilty of Gambling Charges